Finding the Essence of Life or Why You Should Move At Least 5 Times

What if you could just pick up your stuff and leave? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you only need to go through the door and pursuit the job you want so badly, or the person you love or the adventures you dream of. But you won’t do it.

Why can’t you break up with the person you no longer feel connected to or move to the city you want? Because, it is scary. You will come up with a few not-so- great reasons to convince yourself to stay. You may even force yourself into thinking that it’s too late to start over, too late to begin again.

The truth is that we are either numbed by the unknown or the routine. There is a certain paradox in human nature. We want stability and constancy, but we are triggered by new experiences. This is what makes our blood pumping and our hearts widely racing inside our chests. It’s impossible to satisfy our cravings for a thrill, when we are deeply rooted in our current environment. Even being perfectly happy and satisfied with the current situation is not enough of an excuse to remain in one place for too long.


Cities wear out, people wear out, relationships become obscure and life loses its flavour. At some point you will become as bored and dull as your surroundings. You can put an end to it right now. You need to keep moving. You need to set fire to your existing life and burn it to the ground only to re-build it again. Choosing resiliency over comfort, curiosity over security will help you reveal new parts of who you are.

Explore while you are young and reckless. Have a fresh start. Moving on is not about changing the scene, but about reinventing your current lifestyle. Our beliefs and ideas is what keep us fixed in one spot. You can move to a different city or a new apartment, start a new relationship or end an old one. The point is to open up for the possibilities instead of locking yourself inside a narrow mindset.

At this very moment you can change completely the course of your life. Move a lot! Do it at least five times to change, to grow and to renew yourself.

To Escape the Familiar

Human nature is designed to look for security. The moment you find a safe place, you latch on it. You latch so hard that you become blind about the infinite possibilities out there. It’s not your attachments or responsibilities that are keeping you stuck in one spot. It is fear. You will need a whole lot of courage to make the first step, but it’s worth it.

There is something fascinating and magical about seeing and feeling a place for the first time. The people, the streets, the houses and even the smells seem extraordinary and intriguing. You feel like an explorer, finding beauty in every corner and sensing the shivers of excitement all over your body.


You can have a settled life when you are older. Now is the time to take a risk. Don’t get this wrong. It is frightening and difficult to say goodbye to the people you love. You will abandon everything you cherish to become a foreigner in an unfamiliar place. As scary as it may sound, remember that the first move is always the hardest.

To Find New Experiences

The second move you should make is purely to satisfy your wanderlust. If your routine gets boring and out of hand, don’t hesitate to pack up and leave for a while. Do it when you are finally tired of your comfortable surroundings.

The purpose of this move is to rekindle your passion for life. Staying too long in the same place blunts your senses. You stop seeing, appreciating and enjoying the little things. You become adjusted to the environment.


Travelling to a different location will give you a fresh perspective. You will meet different people, have new experiences and feed your thirst for adventures. Instead of daydreaming at your office about white sandy shores, get your backpack and hit the road. You will not only enrich your life with new memories and friends. Getting away and being homesick will help you acknowledge the importance of your family and old friends in your life.

To Chase Love

Following your heart doesn’t only mean going to the end of the world for your significant other. Even if this is the case, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Love comes in different shapes. You can find it in a dream job, a city or an activity.

Chase Love

Going after whom or what you love is not irresponsible, but brave. This is the ultimate search for happiness. Love is what gives you hope to fight through the difficulties every day. Discovering love in everything you do and the people you are surrounded with is the only way to have full and joyful life.

To Walk Away From That Love

Love is limitless, but not endless. People will come and go from your life. A job that seemed exciting a year ago may become tedious at some point. Even the most beautiful place on Earth won’t be enough when your heart desires something new.


Settle only for the best, but know that the idea of what is “best” for you changes constantly. Recognize the moment when you need to walk away and be strong enough to do it. Don’t regret or feel sad about the loss. Be grateful for the chance to experience love that touched your soul and changed you.

To Get a New Beginning

You can always begin again. It may sound as a cliché, but it’s true. You need to keep moving and see the next big thing in your life. Change is the only way to grow, to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to reassess your beliefs and transform your mindset. But you can’t do it by settling down. There is a sense of rebirth in moving on. You can renew yourself with each step you take out of your comfort zone or you can resist the change. It’s a choice for you to make every day.


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