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Helpful tips to attract more drivers to quote on your job

GetVan is the convenient, cheap and eco-friendly way to delivery and transportation. We connect drivers and customers everyday ensuring that we have satisfied customers and happy transport providers.

Tip 1

To get more quotes faster make sure to fill in as many details as possible when you post the job.

Tip 2

If you have GetVan credit, you can use it to make your listing "Premium" or to pay your deposit.

Tip 3

If you have budget, list it in the "Maximum price" field to get quotes only from drivers who would work within that price range.

Tip 4

Comunication is key - try answering all the drivers' questions about your listing even before you accept a bid.

Tip 5

Inviting companies of your choice to quote would increase the chances of getting quotes from drivers sooner.

Tip 6

If you are listing item from eBay, it is best to contact the seller and gather as much information about the item's availability before posting the job on GetVan.

Tip 7

If you have discount code, add it to the listing before accepting a bid to be able to take advantage of the offer.