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Very helpful and efficient
So happy with the pace of the Getvan website! My husband and I listed our house removal job on the site as we were looking for a good quote and through our listing on Getvan we received some very good quotes, one of which we were able to take forward, and the company were excellent. It was incredible to see just how quickly quotes came in, and it saved us a great deal of hassle in not having to ring round various companies. I would definitely recommend using this website!
Great service!
We only work with efficient and trustworthy delivery companies and Getvan enabled us to find one and save us a bit of money. The website itself is very quick and easy to use. I will definitely recommend this site!
I like it!
If we had not known about Getvan we might have ended up paying over the odds to deliver furniture items to sellers on Ebay. The response was very quick – within hours we had several options and we saved quite a lot of money this way.
Would definitely use Getvan again
I had to get rid of a lot of ornaments when my mother died earlier this year. I didn’t have the space in my car to take very much and I was afraid of things being broken during the delivery. Fortunately through Getvan it was very easy to find a suitable delivery company and have the items transported within a very fair budget. Advertising the delivery through Getvan was a much easier job than I thought it would be and I will certainly use Getvan again if I need to.

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