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Terms of website use

The terms laid out on this page (in conjunction with the documents to which it makes reference) are designed to inform you of the terms of use for those making use of the website (which shall be referred to as our site).

The first section, Part 1 contains general provisions and is applicable to all users of the website. The second section, Part 2, is relevant to users who have undergone the registration process and contains Registered User Provisions.

We ask that visitors to the website take the time to carefully read the terms of use before using the website. The use of the website shall be taken as an indication that you accept and understand these rules, as well as the fact that you wish to abide by them. Those who do not agree to some or all of the terms laid out will be asked not to use the website further.

1. Definitions
•    The terms and conditions are held in conjunction with the following definitions:
•    ‘Content Standards’ will be seen as referring to content standards as established in clause 3.
•    ‘Fees’ will be held to mean the fees made payable to us (the company) with regards to clause 25 and its attendant provisions.
•    ‘Registered User’ will be used to make reference to those users who have registered in conjunction with the terms laid out under clause 17.
•    ‘User’ is taken to refer to any user of this website (
•    ‘Terms’ shall be used to refer to the terms which are established in Part 1 and Part 2, General Provisions and Registered User Provisions, respectfully.

2. Information about us
The website is owned and operated by the company Handy Moves Ltd T/A GETVAN ("We"). This is a limited company and has been registered in both England and Wales and has been assigned the company number 06658764. The office at which we are registered is GETVAN, Unit 3 Hanworth Trading Estate, Hampton Road West, Hanworth, TW13 6DH
As well as this, the address from which we conduct our main trading is Building 3, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, W4 5YA.

3. Accessing our site

1.1 General
1.    1.1.1 Permission to access our website is given on a temporary basis, and we also reserve the right to amend or withdraw any service or facility which is offered or provided on this site, and to do so without notice (see below for further details). If the site should not be available at any time, or should remain inaccessible for any period, we will not be held liable.
2.    1.1.2 On certain occasions, we (the company) might restrict or hinder access to all or parts of the site, including to those deemed Registered Users.
3.    1.1.3 Any user identification code, any password or any other information which you may be assigned or given during the typical procedural security measures will be treated as confidential. It should not be disclosed to any third party at any time. We reserve the right to disable those passwords or identification codes and materials – whether chosen by us (the company) or the user – at any given time if it is deemed that there has been a failure to comply with any of the conditions laid out in the terms of use.  
4.    1.1.4 It remains the responsibility of the user (you) to make all of the necessary arrangements which are required to access the site. Any persons who gain access to our website via an internet connection over which you have control are to be aware of and to comply with these terms and it is your responsibility to do so.

2.1 Prohibited uses
Users are only allowed to use the site to conduct lawful acts. Users are prohibited from using the site:
1.    2.1.1 In a fashion which contradicts or contravenes international, national, or local laws and regulations.
2.    2.1.2 In a fashion which may be deemed fraudulent/unlawful, or with a purpose to do/be as such.
3.    2.1.3 To in any way download, upload, use/re-use, send or wittingly receive any materials deemed not to comply with Content Standards, as established by ourselves.
4.    2.1.4 To communicate any materials which might be deemed unauthorised advertising, deemed unsolicited, or deemed to be solicitation in the form of promotional material (typically; spam), whether by transmitting, procuring the sending of such materials.
5.    2.1.5 To wittingly communicate, send, transmit or upload data which might be deemed harmful, to be a virus, or to be computer code designed with malicious intent, or to affect a computer in an adverse manner.
6.    2.1.6 To be involved in the copying and reselling, the reproduction or the duplications of any or all of the site in contravention of the provisions of the terms which are established here.
7.    2.1.7 To gain access without the requisite authority; to interfere, disrupt or damages any/all of the website, as well as any network/equipment which might be used in order to store/maintain the site, whether owned by the company or a third party.

2.2 Content Standards
1.    2.2.1 The standards which are established and set out in the space below are deemed applicable to materials (any and all) which are contributed to the site (contributions), as well as any services which are interactive.
2.    2.2.2 Any contribution is held to the standards as a whole as well as individual parts.
3.    2.2.3 Any Contributions are required to:
4. Be correct (in that they must be accurate and factual).
5. (if opinions they must) be genuinely held.
6. Be compliant with any relevant and applicable UK law, or the law in any respective country.
7.    2.2.4 Any Contributions are required to not:
8. Contain material(s) which might be considered defamatory to any specific person.
9. Contain material(s) which might be deemed to be hateful/inflammatory/obscene/offensive; to be promoting violence or be sexually explicit.
10. Contain material(s) which could be considered to discriminate based on sex/gender/race/nationality/disability/sexual orientation/nationality or age.
11. Contain material(s) which contravenes or infringes upon copyright, trademarks of any kind or database rights.
12. Contain material(s) considered potentially deceiving.  
13. Contain material(s) which might breach or otherwise contravene any legal duty which is considered owed to a 3rd party, i.e. a duty of confidence or a contractual duty.
14. Contain material(s) considered to promote illegal actions.
15. Contain material(s) likely to upset/embarrass/alarm/harass/annoy another user/person.
16. Contain material(s) designed to impersonate or misrepresent identity in any fashion, or affiliation with any other person.

4. Suspension and termination
1.    2.3 The right to determine any breach in these terms is retained by us at all times, through use of the website. If we consider a breach to have occurred, action may be taken by us in such a way as we may deem appropriate.
2.    2.4.2 A breach of said materials may result  in us conducting any/all of the following:
3. Your right to use the website will be removed on an immediate/temporary/permanent basis.
4. Any materials posted or uploaded will be removed on an immediate/temporary/permanent basis
5. A warning issued to the user.
6. Any costs might be recovered via legal proceedings, we seek reimbursement on an indemnity basis (this can include, but is not restricted to; reasonable administrative and legal costs)
7. The taking of further legal action against yourself.
8. Law enforcement and the relevant authorities being notified of actions and information disclosed to them as we feel necessary.
9.    2.5 We find ourselves to be excluded from liability for actions undertaken when responding to any/all breaches of the agreed upon terms. Responses which are laid out and described in these terms are not in any way limited and further actions are always an option.

5. Intellectual property rights
1.    2.6 We consider ourselves to be the owner/licensee of any/all intellectual property rights on this (our) site, as well as any material published on it. All of these rights are considered reserved. The works are protected by copyright treaties and laws recognised across the world.
2.    2.7 Users are permitted to print a single copy, and are permitted to download extracts, of pages or a single page from our site if it is to be used exculsively for a personal reference. Users are permitted to draw attention to/acknowledge materials posted on our site to others within an organisation.
3.    2.8 Users are not permitted to modify the paper/printed/digital copies of materials which may have been obtained from the site in any fashion.
4.    2.9 If materials are obtained from the site, our status – as well as the status of identifiable contributors – much be acknowledged at all times.
5.    2.10 Commercial use of said obtained materials is not permitted without obtaining the relevant licence from ourselves or our licensors.

6. Reliance on information posted
Reliance should not be placed on any or all of the commentary or other materials which are posted to and on our site, which are not intended to amount to advice. All liability and responsibility is disclaimed on our behalf for any reliance which users then place on any/all materials which are posted by a visitor or user, or by anyone informed of the contents.

7. Our site changes regularly
Because we aim to ensure that our site is updated with regularity, the content which is found on the site might be changed at any time. Should the need arise for us to close the site indefinitely, or to suspend access to visitors for any given time, we reserve that right. Material might occasionally become outdated at any moment and we are not obligated to update said material in any fashion.

8. Our liability
1.    2.11 Any material which is available or otherwise displayed on our website is provided to users without any conditions, guarantees and/or warranties which in any way relate to its accuracy. Hereby, (to whatever extent is permitted to us by law), we expressly esclude:
2.    2.11.1 Those warranties, conditions and other such terms and phrases which could in any other respect be implied by common law, the law of equity and statue.
3.    2.11.2 Any indirect or direct, or consequential damage and loss which might be incurred, as well as the liability for such, including those incurred by visitors and users to our site. This includes connection with usage, the inability to correctly use or results from the usage of our site; those links to and from the website, and materials found as a result; this includes but is not limited to, liability for lost income and/or revenue; business lost; profit or contracts lost; anticipated savings which might be lost; data lost; and the goodwill for losses and damages of any nature which might be incurred, however they should arise, whether or not caused by tort (this includes negligence), contracts which might be breached or otherwise – even if anticipated or foreseeable – provided that his condition does not prevent or prohibit any claims for a type of loss of or of damage which is incurred by tangible property or assets, or any claims which might relate to direct financial loss which are not in any way prevented or excluded in the categories set above.
4.    2.12 The mapping and location information is providing in a guidance manner exclusively and is provided based on postcode information and as such should not be used as an exact indicator of property location. Liability for inaccuracy or accuracy of postcode/location information is in no way accepted.
5.    2.13 1. You are not affected, as such, but this in regards to our liability for personal injury or death which might otherwise arise from our (the company’s) negligence, and/or out liability with regards to misrepresentations (fraudulent or fundamental), or any other such liability which is not able to be excluded or limited as such by applicable law.

9. Information about you and your visits to our site
Information about you is processed by us in accordance and with acknowledgement of our Privacy Policy. The use of our site signals your consent to this processing and that you warrant and accept that the data which you provide is entirely accurate.

10. Uploading material to our site
1.    2.14 When making use of features which allow the user/you to upload any materials to the site or to come into contact with other site users, you are required to comply with content standards, as established. You accept that contributions are indeed compliable with said standards and that you indemnify us with regards to any warrant breached.
2.    2.15 When uploading material to our website, this will be considered to be non-confidential and non- proprietary, and we will maintain and have the right to copy, use, distribute the material, as well as to disclose to 3rd parties this material for any purpose. This extends to your identity which we have the right to disclose to any 3rd party if said party claims that the material which is posted and/or uploaded by you is said to constitute a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy rights.
3.    2.16 Material which is technically harmful is something which you will not upload. This includes by is not limited to, logic bombs, worms, computer viruses, Trojan horses, harmful components, corrupted data or other software which is deemed malicious or harmful.
4.    2.17 We hold no responsibility or liability to any 3rd party with regards to the content or accuracy and verisimilitude of materials which are uploaded/posted by you or other users of our website.
5.    2.18 We reserve the right to delete or remove any posting or material(s) which are added or uploaded to our site when those items in question contradict – in our opinion – content standards.

11. Linking to our site
1.    2.19 You are permitted to link to our home page, on the condition that it is done so in a fashion that is fair and legal and does not potentially denigrate our reputation, or take advantage of our reputation. The link must be not be established in such a fashion as to suggest association, approval and/or endorsement on our behalf when none such link exists.
2.    2.20 Establishing links from websites which are not owned by you is strictly prohibited.
3.    2.21 Framing of our site on any other site is prohibited and you may not fashion a link to any area of our site other than the area permitted (the home page). The right to withdraw linking permission without notice is something which we reserve, and the website from which the link is being made must comply with the Content Standards in all respects..
4.    2.22 All requests to make use of material other than that which is set out above should be addressed to

12. Links from our site
In those instance in which our site contains links to other websites and other resources which are provided by 3rd parties, the use of these links is done so for information only. We exert nor claim to exert any control over the content provided on these sites or within these resources, and we do not accept responsibility for them, nor for any damage or loss which might result from their use.

13. Jurisdiction and applicable law
Exclusive jurisdiction is held by the English courts with regards to claims which might arise from or be related to our site. We retain the right to bring proceedings against you or any user for breach of the conditions in any relevant country, respective of the user.
The terms which have been established and any disputes or claims which result with regards to them or their subject matter, as well as their formation (which includes non-contractual claims or disputes) is and shall be governed by and construed with accordance to the laws of England and Wales.

14. Use of Getvan
The word "Getvan" or any such variant that is seen to include the word "Getvan" shall not be acquired or used by any user, this extends to any variant as a trademark or intellectual property which might be related..

15. Variations
The terms which are laid on out might be amended at any time by amending this page. Users are expected to check this page regularly in order to note changes which have been made. These are binding to users when made. Provisions or notices which are published in other areas of the site might supersede the information with is contained within these terms.

16. Your concerns
Any concerns which users have with regards to material which appears on the site are urged to contact


17. Registration

1.    2.23 Users registered on the site are required to:
2.    2.23.1 Be aged 18 or over, as well as
3.    2.23.2 Provide complete and accurate contact details and a valid and working email address
4.    2.24 Registered user’s identities must not be misrepresentative
5.    2.25 The right to reject registration at any time is reserved, for any reason and without providing notice to you.
6.    2.26 Those who register on the behalf of a business (or a corporate body in any form), are confirming (by act of registration) to possess the correct and proper authority to bind the body on whose behalf the registration is undertaken.

18. Our Status
1.    2.27 We are not the providers of any form of transport services whatsoever. Rather, we aim to facilitate a forum in which potential purchasers of transport services (the buyers) and those businesses which provide transport services (the suppliers) are able to meet and interact.
2.    2.28 The role of the involved parties is to match against each other on the grounds of the services which are required and the terms of the contract and the rates which are offered by each of the involved parties. No vetting of registered users is conducted and thus no assurances as to the abilities of either party are assured with regard to fulfilling obligations.
3.    2.29 It is to be noted that – in regards to transactions between users – the legal contract which results is to be held between those parties, and is to be subject to the conditions and terms of the respective supplier, or to any other terms which are agreed between the relevant parties. Terms and conditions should always be reviewed by parties as they pertain to the transaction.

19. Use of the Site
1.    2.30 The site is designed to operate as such::
2.    2.30.1 There will be a post from buyers on the site containing their requirements for transport services (this is the buyer listing);
3.    2.30.2 The providers of transport are then able to offer their services in response to buyer listings and on their own terms (a bid). The bids are then legally binding contracts once they have been accepted by the buyer, on the full and original terms.
4.    2.31 Both listings and bids (together referred to as submissions) might be moderated. This is done at our discretion, as is the determining of whether a submission meets our content standards.
5.    2.32 There is no guarantee as to the speed with which submissions will be posted on the site.
6.    2.33 There is no obligation on our behalf to monitor, oversee and/or moderate any area of the site or any service which might be provided. We reserve the right to disable access to, or to remove, submissions which are deemed to breach content standards.

20. Submissions
1.    2.34 Submissions are forbidden from relating to the transport and movement of goods whose transport might in any way be prohibited by law.
2.    2.35 The correct and proper packaged must be assured for the submissions which require transport of goods which might be deemed hazardous, or goods – such as animals – whose transport is lawfully restricted. The submission in these instances must state clearly:
3.    2.35.1 The nature of any and all of the goods to be transported, as well as
4.    2.35.2 The correct details of the method of transport which is required in order to comply with all relevant regulations and laws.
5.    2.35.3 The full responsibility for the compliance with any such laws and regulations – with relation to transporting hazardous or otherwise restricted goods and items – lies entirely with the parties involved in the agreement. Those parties who transport goods in a manner which breaches any law or regulation may be subjected to regulatory penalties and criminal penalties.

21. Contact Details
1.    2.36 Registered users are forbidden to include contact information which might be conducive to soliciting sales outside of the website.
2.    2.37 It is to be noted that the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 requires suppliers to display their accurate contact details, this includes a geographic address at which their business is established and operates

22. Rules for Suppliers
1.    2.40 It is required that suppliers:
2.    2.40.1 Honour transaction contracts which are formed with any buyers.
3.    2.40.2 Render the services which the payment has been made to cover; and
4.    2.40.3 Include any and all taxes which might be relevant (such as VAT), as well as fees to be paid by the buyer for the services involved in the bid, which exclude any such export or import duty which has to be made payable on the transported goods.
5.    2.41 Suppliers are prohibited from:
6.    2.41.1 Bidding against their own bid, and from having employees or associates do so;
7.    2.41.2 Misrepresenting service significantly, such as not meeting the services and terms described in the bid outline.
8.    2.41.3 Refusing payment for any service when a bid has been accepted; or
9.    2.41.4 Attempting to contact buyers in a direct manner or making their identity (their business) or any contact information readily available to buyers, via photographs, text, images or logos. Should a transport provided by found to be bypassing or circumventing the website, or to be placing fabricated and misrepresentative bids in attempts to avoid paying the fees of the website, Getvan reserves the right to charge an equivalent fee to the amount which should be owed, based on the agreed upon amount. In those instances where no price or bid have been agreed or placed, Getvan reserves the right to calculate the fee/deposit based on the market value on Getvan. As well as this, Getvan charges a £10 fee to cover administrative costs on all transactions.

23. Rules for Buyers
Buyers are prohibited from:
1.    2.43 Submitting bids of their own with the aim of decreasing bids placed by suppliers. Those users found to be bidding for the provision of transport services are required to be entirely independent from the buyer.
2.    2.44 Buyers and supplies are both prohibited from interfering with any transactions of offers to buy or supply forms of transport in response to a listing from a buyer made outside of the site.

24. Feedback
1.    2.45 We are under no obligation to provide registered users with any form of due diligence with regards to another registered user.
2.    2.46 For every transaction, the suppliers and the buyers are allowed the option of rating one another in the form of feedback. Suppliers and buyers are able to leave positive, negative and neutral scores as well as the option of leaving a short comment.
3.    2.47 Feedback scores are determined using these ratings. In the majority of cases, users will receive:
4.    2.47.1 A positive rating for a +1 point.
5.    2.47.2 A neutral rating for no points
6.    2.47.3 Or a negative rating for -1 point.
7.    2.48 Any conditions that prevent the leaving of feedback on behalf of the buyer are entirely restricted when suppliers are placing information.
8.    2.49 It is forbidden for buyers to threaten any supplier with potentially neutral or negative feedback when seeking to obtain any services or goods which are excluded from the original buyer listing.
9.    2.50 Suppliers are forbidden from required that buyers leave specified feedback, and it is forbidden to demand the withdrawal of existing feedback. These rules are applied to all feedback actions, before, during and after the rendering of the services which were described in the buyer listing.
10.    2.51 It is required that feedback comments comply with the rules which have been listed on the site. As such, Getvan reserve the right to modify, alter or delete feedback left by any party without the need to obtain prior consent.

25. Fees
1.    2.52 Buyers are able to use the site for free. Deposits are paid by the buyer after an accepted bid. The amount payable in the form of a deposit is taken from the entire value of the accepted bid. The balance payment is payable by the buying party (the buyer) straight to the supplying party (the supplier), and at all times must be handled in accordance with the terms, and in the manner which has been agreed upon by the two involved parties.
2.    2.53 The total of the deposit is the same as either a percentile of the cost of transportation which has been agreed by both parties or as a minimum fee (the greater value will be the used), and will be calculated as follows:
Successful Bid Price        Success Fee (VAT to be added separately)
£0-£35        The lowest possible fee of £5.25
£36-£150        9.95% of the value of the fee with a minimum of £6.50
£151-£300        9.95% of the fee’s value within this price bracket as well as  previous
£301-£500        6.95% of the fee’s value within this price bracket as well as  previous
£501-£1000        6.40% of the fee’s value within this price bracket as well as  previous
£1000+        5.00% of the fee’s value within this price bracket as well as  previous
4.    2.54 Certain circumstances may see us waive our right to receive deposits, though any such action is entirely handled at our discretion and without the acceptance of any form of legal obligation to do so.
5.    2.55 After a bid has been accepted, the buyer is required to pay the deposit to Getvan. The deposit is received by us as an agent for the buyer.
6.    2.56 Suppliers remains responsible for the payment and collection of any and all VAT associated with the rendering of services for and to buyers.
7.    2.57 We reserve the right to suspend, change or waive the method of calculation of rates or fees at any given moment, either in a permanent fashion of for a limited time period, in a promotional manner or otherwise. These changes will be fully detailed and described on the site.

26. Cancellation
1.    2.59 Because the contracts for transportation are decided and formed between suppliers and buyers, the negotiation and agreement of any form of cancellation and the consequences it entails is for those parties to determine. However, a request for the return of a deposit can be made to us if one party cancels before the providing of any transport service. No requests for this return of the deposit should be submitted within seven days of the date on which the bid was accepted, or until other reasonable attempts have been undertaken to agree any cancellation with the parties directly involved.
2.    2.60 All cancellation requests will be reviewed by ourselves. If it is appropriate, the cancelled requirement for transport will be listed again on the site or will be deleted from it. Any fee or deposit can be refunded but will be done so at our discretion. Users have 30 days following the acceptance of the bid to request a return of the deposit fee. Getvan is not to be held liable for any claims outside of this timeframe. There is to be no cash refund supplied once the buyer has received the supplier’s contact details via Getvan. If the supplier should be, for any reason, not able to fulfil the agreed upon service, the buyer is required to contact Getvan in order to find an alternative to the supplier, and only if an alternative is not able to be found will the credit be considered.

27. No Agency
There is nothing herein that shall be seen, deemed or adjudged to create or to create any form of joint venture, partnership or agency between us and the users of the website in any fashion. Users should refrain from holding themselves out as to imply any form of or any such relationship as existing.

28. Recommendation Functionality
1.    2.61 A recommender will be the recipient of a £10 credit for Getvan 7 days following on from a qualifying bid being accepted.
2.    2.62 Every credit is issued at our discretion and the discretion of Getvan. It can be permanently or temporarily withheld when it is deemed to be appropriate. The £10 is available to be paid once per user.
3.    2.63 Any user which has accumulated a credit through recommending the company can cash out their credit via PayPal at 50% of the value, and charges may apply. The minimum credit required to cash out is £10, though this excludes the introductory credit.
4.    2.64 The introductory credit has no inherent cash value. It can be used to upgrade a listing to become a featured listing on the site, or can be put towards a Getvan deposit payment. It is not possible to transfer the introductory credit.
5.    2.65 If a delivery job has not been completed than no credit will apply.
6.    2.66 The qualifying bid is the first bid which the user accepts via Getvan. Introductory credit are fund which are credited to a user’s account by the company when the account is first opened.
7.    2.67 There should be one account per user. It is not possible to transfer the credit.

29. Packaging

1.    2.91 Delivery charges
•    If an individual order is less than £35 and is within a qualifying area, there will be a £6.98 fee for a next day delivery
•    In the instances where a single order is greater than £35, additional charges may be waived providing the address falls within the boundaries of the qualifying area.
•    Those UK deliveries which are not within the qualifying area are to be subject to a £34.99 charge for delivery, made within 2-3 working days

2.    2.92 Delivery
•    Other than those instances where it has been previously agreed by both parties (in writing), acceptance by the buyer of the goods and items ordered will occur on delivery (or on attempted delivery).
•    When or if the buyer is not able to take the delivery during a certain time, the order can be considered cancelled by the seller and a re-stock fee may be charged. If agreed upon (in writing) then the seller can redeliver, but a redelivery fee may be charged, as they are entitled.
•    If a date of delivery is supplied by the seller to the buyer then it is to be considered an estimate only. While endeavour on behalf of the seller to meet this date will be made, late delivery is not their responsibility.
•    The seller shall not be liable if a delivery is made late, without prejudice or bias to the generality of the foregoing, or should the delivery fail through a cause which is beyond the expected and reasonable control of the seller.
•    If and where a seller has offered goods as being available for next day delivery, this is done so on the assumption that the goods are normally to be held in stock. A seller shall notify the buyer if goods are not available for whatever reason and delivery will be rearranged, at the next available date.

3.    2.93 Claims
•    Any complaints are to be made to us by the customer within 48hrs of delivery, be they regarding damaged delivery, incorrect quantity or not complying with the item’s description.
•    Customers have 7 days to notify us of any alleged defect following the delivery of the package, or in the case of defects which are not reasonably apparent, a further 2 days after inspection and a maximum of 9 days following delivery.
•    Claims under this condition are to be made in writing and are required to contain full details of the claim, as well as the reference numbers and details of any and all allegedly defective Goods.
•    We are to be afforded reasonable chance and facilities to perform an investigation into any claims which are made under this condition and the Customer shall if we so issue a written request, return any Goods or Services which are subject of any claim promptly, and also for any packaging materials to be securely packed and to be paid to us for inspection.
•    Liability will not lie with us with regard to claims in respect of instances in which the Customer has failed to comply with the claims procedures in these listed conditions.

4.    2.94 Scope of Contract
We will not be held liable under any circumstance for:
o    Any defects which might have resulted from improper use by the Customer, wear and tear, accident, or use by the Customer except in accordance with the instructions or advice of us or the manufacturer of any Goods or Services or neglect or from any instructions or materials provided by the Customer.
o    Any services of goods which have been modified, adjusted, or in any way repaired by persons other than us.
o    The suitability of any Services or Goods for any particular purpose or use under specific conditions whether or not the purpose or conditions were known or communicated to us.
o    Any descriptions, specifications, illustrations, figures as to performance, drawings and particulars of weights and dimensions submitted by us contained on the site, price lists or elsewhere since they are merely intended to represent a general abstract idea of the items and are not designed to form part of the contract and are not to be treated as representations.

5.    2.95 Extent of Liability
o    If the Customer determines that packaged items or goods have not been delivered to them, that the items have been damaged during delivery, do not match the advertised quantity or do not measure up to their description, at our discretion, We shall replace with comparable items any packing items which are absent, missing or impaired or do not comply with their depiction. Either we shall:
i. Provide an alternative to the goods with no further charges, or
ii. Accept the return of the goods and provide a credit to the Customer's GETVAN account at the price matching the item, or
o    Should a Customer determine that any packaging that has been ordered might be defective, the Customer is required to return the item immediately to us at their own cost, where it will be repaired and/or replaced at our discretion, possibly according to manufacturer’s own warranty. If it is not possible for the item to be replaced or repaired within 3 months of our having received the delivery, we are able to issue a credit to the Customer's GETVAN account in full or in part at our own discretion.
o    Should a Customer return any packaged item for repair or replacement and the item is found to be free of fault, then we may use our discretion in order to charge the Customer for any relevant handling costs.
o    The delivery of any repaired or replacement packaging should be made to our premises or to another delivery point which will be specified by ourselves.
o    In accordance with this condition, where we are liable for only some or a part of the order, the Contract will remain in its entirety and shall remain in effect with respect to the other parts of any respective items. This shall incur no set-off and no other claim shall be made by the Customer against or in respect of such other or other parts of these Goods or Services.
o    We shall not be liable for the price of any items which do not include delivery costs, are lost or damaged in transit. All claims by the Customer are to be made against the carrier. Replacements for items which are lost or damaged will be handled by the supplier at the prices determined at the date of dispatch if available.
o    Under no circumstances shall the liability of the Company to the Customer under this condition exceed the invoice value of the packaging order.
i. We shall not be bound by any warranty or representation given by or made on our behalf unless specifically stated in writing and expressly signed stating it is to be incorporated in these Terms and Conditions.

6.    2.96 General
•    We retain the right to sub-contract the performance of the paragraph (29) either in whole or in part.

7.    2.97 Title
o    Section 12 of the Sale of Goods or Services Act 1979 requires that the Company transfer only such rights or titles with regards to the packaging which is ordered as the Company has and if the Goods are purchased from a 3rd party shall transfer only such title or rights as that party had and has transferred to the Goods and Services.

8.    2.98 Cancellation
o    It is possible to cancel packaging orders at any time, providing it is before midday on the day on which order is placed. If the order is made after 4pm then it is possible for the order to be cancelled at anytime up to and including midday on the day following the order.

9.    2.99 Notices
o    Notices which are given under this paragraph (29) should be done so in writing and might be served personally, by registered or recorded delivery mail, by telex or facsimile transmission, by any other means which any party specifies by notice to the other.
o    To have been served, a notice shall be deemed to have:
i. been served in person, at the time service,
ii. been served by post, the day after the day after posting,
iii. been served by facsimile transmission, at the time transmission.

30. Book It Now

1.    3.00 In terms of a Book It Now job posted onto the website, Getvan only offers customers a full moneyback guarantee if the job was posted for at least 6 hours. Any job which has been removed from the forum within those 6 hours after initial posting is not eligible for a refund. Every job requires a minimum of 6 hours to enjoy the best possible chance of being claimed.
2.    3.01 It is the parties’ role to select one another with regards to the services required as well as the contractual rates and terms which are offered by either party. Vetting is not carried out of any Registered Users and therefore does not provide any assurance with regards to the ability of a party to perform its obligations whilst under a contract. Getvan are not liable for any transaction between the involved parties.
3.    3.02 It is important to note that, in terms of any transaction made between Users, the legal contract which results is held between those parties, and is subject to the terms and conditions of the involved Supplier or any other terms which are agreed between the requisite parties. Parties are advised to review any terms and conditions which apply to the transaction.
Customer can receive cash back when booking three deliveries with us using this method:
1.    Use the site to post three delivery jobs between 10th February 2014 and 10th March 2014
2.    Use the site to accept 3 transport bids.
3.    The price of the third deposit will be refunded – simple!
Terms – Only those deliveries which relate to a single Getvan account can be counted towards the total. Deliveries which have been cancelled will not be counted. All of the necessary deposits must be paid before midnight on the 31st of March 2014. The deposits which are paid using Getvan credit, either wholly or partly are not to be counted. Any requests for refunds must be made before 30th April 2014.

Last Updated 18th March 2014