Professional Tips For Moving Day

If you’ve done everything you can in advance of your house move then don’t forget that there are still little things that you can do when it comes to the big day. So don’t sit back and leave everything to the movers or just shove everything onto the van willy-nilly, as with a few little professional tips your move can be a complete and utter success!

Without these final few little jobs, your house removal can end up being a bit of a disaster; so sit down and swat up for that final push now!

Finish Off Your Last Bit Of Packing
If you’ve left any essential items out overnight then remember to pack them before the movers arrive. Once the removal van has arrived, it is easy to panic and forget about even the most important of things, so try to make sure that everything is securely packed up before they arrive!

Label Boxes Clearly
If you managed to finish off the last of your packing the night before then you might not have had a chance to label everything with an itinerary. To help you remember where everything is, try your best to label each and every box with a quick summary before it goes on the moving van. At least while the box is still sitting in your old home you’ll have some sort of idea where it should go in your new home. Once everything is unloaded off the van at the other end the removal boxes are likely to start looking the same! If you know the layout of your new home then it is also useful to write what room you would like each box to be unloaded into when it arrives at your new home. This gives the professional movers useful instructions and can help you to save time when it comes to the unpacking.

If you have boxes that contain fragile items such as crockery or ornamental items then it is also worth labelling them as ‘Handle with Care’. This helps to ensure that the removals men carry them carefully on and off the van, giving them the best possible chance of arriving at your new home in a pristine condition. If you have antique pieces of furniture, you should also make sure that you discuss this with the removal company before the day so that they have the right equipment to move everything with the utmost TLC.

Plan Your Van Loads
If you’re hiring a van and completing the move by yourself then you should make sure you plan your van loads in a logical manner. Even if you are using a professional removal service you will still need to give the moving men some direction as to what you want to move first. For instance, if you want to make sure that your children’s rooms are completely unpacked by the evening then it makes sense for their furniture and boxes to be on your first load. Similarly, if you know that there are unessential items to be moved then putting these on the last load makes the most sense when it comes to the unpacking. Remember that everyone has different priorities on moving day, so if you are using a moving firm don’t assume that they will know what you want to do and when. While it may be obvious to you that you want your kitchen items first, it might not be the first boxes that they move unless you tell them to!

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